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Sean Dague sdague at
Wed Oct 5 13:05:08 MDT 2011

On 10/03/2011 08:44 PM, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>> Also, the litteral ^Z in the console, could that be causing issues, or
>> is that expected?
>> Nudges in the right direction would be appreciated.
> What exactly is the problem you face?  What goes wrong with dcpromo?
> It's really good to see someone having a go at wintest.  It is a really
> important testsuite, but sadly it hasn't had many users and is a little
> fiddly to get going.

So, I've tracked down the fiddliness that was preventing things from 
working here on the WIN2K8B tests:

The issue is in run_dcpromo

       child.sendline("dcpromo /answer:answers.txt")
       i = child.expect(["You must restart this computer", "failed", 
"Active Directory Domain Services was not installed", "C:"], timeout=120)
         if i == 1 or i == 2:
             child.sendline("echo off")
             child.sendline("echo START DCPROMO log")
             child.sendline("more c:\windows\debug\dcpromoui.log")
             child.sendline("echo END DCPROMO log")
             child.expect("END DCPROMO")
             raise Exception("dcpromo failed")


The problem is that with my install of win2008r2, once dcpromo runs it 
reboots the server, as it's asked to. So that expect call times out and 
throws an exception, as none of those 4 strings are found (the console 
is gone, the machine has rebooted).

That stops an otherwise successful run in it's tracks.

I could put another try block around the expect looking for the timeout 
which is normal, though that seems extra hacky (it is what I'm doing 
locally just to make more progress). Any other suggestions on how to fix 
this for real?


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