Buildfarm build_test script on an embedded device.

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I know I am knew to this list but I just have a question so if it's documented somewhere just point me there and I'll leave you alone.

In a typical build environment for embedded devices, most development happens on a host and cross-compiled for the target device. No one would ever dream of
Compiling on the target device. Is there a specific reason to be compiling on the target device? From what I gather it is the tests, couldn't the tests be broken out for these specific platforms?

I am just curious. I think that if it's possible, separating the test from compilation might address these compile issues. Like Michael said, a host running a cross-compiler but then have it push the finished code to the target for testing.

This is just an idea. Feel free to shoot it down :).


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On 5 October 2011 17:47, Christopher R. Hertel <crh at> wrote:
> Some notes, as we consider how we will move forward with Embedded Samba.
> Matthieu's changes to the build_test script reduced the run time by 
> only two hours.  That, again, emphasizes the point that it's likely 
> the code build itself that is taking too long.

Probably obvious questions, but anyway:

Would a bunch of machines, distcc and make -j help with this at all? :)

Or maybe a powerful x86 box running a cross compiler and distcc.

Michael Wood <esiotrot at>

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