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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Wed Oct 5 01:49:44 MDT 2011

On Tue, 2011-10-04 at 08:27 -0400, Sean Dague wrote:
> On 10/03/2011 08:44 PM, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> > On Mon, 2011-10-03 at 17:01 -0400, Sean Dague wrote:
> >> After the changes to the wintest script to move the samba-tool path to
> >> sbin (patch previously on list) I've been able to get the basic Windows
> >> 7 test to run, though I'm still fighting a bit with the win2k8 testing.
> >
> > This is a bit fishy.  if it is expected to run from the install dir,
> > then I guess it should run without a bin/ or sbin/.  I think the bin/
> > was for running from the build dir.
> What about just tweaking the path in the script, and then getting rid of 
> the prefixes entirely? Adding ${PREFIX}/bin:${PREFIX}/sbin to the path 
> would be easy enough. I can provide a patch in that direction if you'd 
> rather have that instead.

Hmm, I would prefer to use as few environment variables as possible,
including $PATH.  If we are getting mixed up as to what directory we are
in and so bin/ isn't the directory we just built then we should just
prefix $PREFIX on the paths before we run them.  This will make it
easier to cut-and-paste the run commands when debugging. 

Andrew Bartlett

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