upgrading to S4

Collen cblijenberg at hermanjordan.nl
Mon Oct 3 08:36:44 MDT 2011

Hi, i'm encountering some problems with the upgrade to saba4

samba-4 (a17) is up running and working, (followed the howto, no worries 

i did the samba-tool domain samba3upgrade

and after some hassle i got it working
we imported from passdb.tdb

i did got some error's about not having unix accounts for the users. (?)

anny way, it seems if all worked (at first glance)

but the comment i have, is that the SID changed.
i copied the sid from S3, and used that one witch the provision of S4
but after running the samba3upgrade it showed a different SID ?
also a strange admin password

how can i change the sid and admin password back to what it suppose to be?

second, after the samba3upgrade i would like to see the userlist
so i did wbinfo -u
no luck, it gave me back an error. after dbcheck
wbinfo gave only the default users (admin, guest, krb...)

cheers, Collen

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