To release Samba 4.0 'as is'

Matthieu Patou mat at
Tue Nov 29 12:29:42 MST 2011

Hello Geza,

> Hi,
> IMHO it means that Samba4 is ready for a multi DC domain if (either one
> of them, in order of feature-fullness):
> 1. Implement FRS
> 2. All the DCs are Samba4 there is a handmade (e.g. inotify/rsync based)
> replication solution built up and the UIDs GIDs NTACLs are somehow
> synchronized.
> 3. Forget about GPOs logonscripts (I wouldn't call that version suitable
> for 4.0 because the big selling point is GPO)
> If FRS cannot be implemented in a timely manner a standard solution for
> variant 2 should be recommended for users.
Indeed that's why being able to allocate UID/GID in a determistic way is 
really needed.
I have already a script for handmade synchro based on csync + rsync, I 
should clean it soon and push it in master as proposal for sysvol synchro.


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