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Tue Nov 29 09:19:08 MST 2011

On Tue, 2011-11-29 at 15:27 +0100, Volker Lendecke wrote: 
> On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 03:21:12PM +0100, Kai Blin wrote:
> > Hi Volker,
> > 
> > >> or completely retire it until someone volunteers to do that.
> > >> Keeping a broken library should be verbotten.
> > > 
> > > So until someone steps up to do the design and work to create a
> > > replacement I will try to keep the IDL conversion in a private
> > > branch, right?
> > 
> > The way I understood Simo there was that killing libsmbsharemores
> > completely for 4.0 was OK, assuming nobody steps up to design and
> > maintain said replacement. He just said we shouldn't keep broken
> > libraries around, and I fully agree there.
> Right. But the problem is that the Samba Team has given the
> promise to keep this library up to date forever, an
> important OEM is using it in a proprietary product. So we
> are pretty stuck here unfortunately.

Forever seem a bit strong, I guess it is ok to consider 'forever' as in
during 3.x releases.
However whoever made this promise should weight in and say if he/she has
time to keep it working once you make your changes or if we should drop
it in 4.0


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