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Sat Nov 26 08:26:45 MST 2011


That's correct.   I had some mis-starts in regard to directions as I
was originally
writing it in C and then switched to Python.   As of right now the samba_kcc
is not hooked up to the daemon kcc as I'm in mid-switchover.

The pieces that I currently have in my sandbox are dealing with NTDSConnection
translation.    This piece is turning out to be almost as complicated as just
the intrasite topology generator itself as there are lots of edges that have to
be considered in DRS options.    But I've made some excellent progress here
and it now handles lots of nuances including keeping schedules correctly, etc.
I'd say I'm about 3 more days out before getting NTDS Connection done.

However....   The actual update of the repsFrom is partially taken care of by
rpc callouts (as noted in the tech reference e.g. IDL_DRSReplicaAdd,
I'm going to have to short-change this piece for awhile because those rpcs
aren't fully implememented (at least when I last looked) and will just have to
update the samdb directly from the python code.

There is another piece of the rpc puzzle here in regard to stale and
broken connections
which are inputs to the algorithm.   We aren't properly maintaining
those either.   I
will eventually have to maintain those stats correctly in the daemon
and I'm going
to generate some callbacks to the daemon to get that info for the
python KCC.   My
plan here is to ignore the stale and broken connection inputs to the
KCC for awhile
(much like the current code does).

Now as to the intersite topology generator .... it is totally missing
in samba_kcc.
In fact since its missing it's probably worse than the current KCC because the
current KCC generates N to N topology (even across sites) whereas the new KCC
would only generate a local site topology (but it does the local site
topology exactly
like a windows DC).    So the intersite topology generator is much
much more complicated
still so I'm going to have to find a simpler interim solution until I
get it completely done.
Right now I'm thinking that I can generate some connections for
Bridgehead servers only
and probably get most of the needed function.

So my plans are in the next drop....

1) finish NTDSConnection translation
2) update samdb repsFrom directly instead of via RPC for an interim
3) ignore stale and broken connections for an interim
4) hook up to daemon and utilize kccsrv:intrasite=true

My plan in the drop after that is to work on:

5) build a partial intersite as suggested above
6) complete needed RPCs and maintain stale/broken connection inputs

My final plan would be to complete:

7) intersite fully implemented

Sorry for the late reply.   I've been making merry on thanksgiving.


On Mon, Nov 21, 2011 at 5:05 PM, Matthieu Patou <mat at samba.org> wrote:
> Hello Dave,
> If I'm not misunderstanding your code for the kcc is not activated at all
> even if we use the kccsrv:intrasiste=true stanza in the smb.conf.
> Do you have any idea when it will be usuable ? Also do you plan to work on
> the ISTG stuff, I discovered some nasty effect of having samba not updating
> this information when you deal with sites and MS servers.
> Matthieu
> --
> Matthieu Patou
> Samba Team
> http://samba.org

Regards, Dave Craft
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