To release Samba 4.0 'as is'

Dewayne Geraghty dewayne.geraghty at
Thu Nov 24 23:44:48 MST 2011

Gemes, A good suggestion.  The opportunity to remain on a Samba3 Domain is dwindling, due to the need for stronger than NTLMv2
authentication and the human load to service clients' PCs which is becoming unmanageable.  

I'm excited at the prospect of putting a samba4 AD into production, and having separate virtual machines (or FreeBSD jails)
running file & print services, at least as a stop-gap. While the ongoing excellent, and very challenging integration work

Unfortunately its unpalatable for knowledgeable clients to have, what they perceive as "alpha" code deployed into their
production environments.  A stake in the ground with a Samba4-AD release, will get the functionality, that really is desperately
needed, out there; and help to placate the ongoing political arguments for a non-samba solution.

Regards, Dewayne

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