[PATCH] locks: breaking read lease should not block read open

Jamie Lokier jamie at shareable.org
Tue Nov 22 17:30:57 MST 2011

J. Bruce Fields wrote:
> > Fyi, fanotify is also synchronous:
> Oh, I didn't know that, apologies for the confusion.
> > It blocks the conflicting operation
> > until the fanotify-using application allows it to proceed - or
> > alternatively it can prevent the conflicting operating from proceeding
> > at all.
> Just grepping for "fsnotify" (which fanotify is built on?) I find a lot
> of hooks in the vfs that all appear to have void returns and to be
> called after the operation is done.  How does it fail an operation?  No
> doubt I'm missing something.

The hook is fsnotify_perm(), called in security/security.c.

-- Jamie

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