Samba 4 @ BIND 9.8.1. ' update denied '

Rafa Toucedo debian.vigo at
Tue Nov 15 01:28:01 MST 2011

Hello, first of all greet you.

I have installed the version-7846bc6 4.0.0alpha18-GIT, 9.8.1 BIND DNS
server created
with '- with-openssl = yes'' - with-gssapi = / usr '' - disable-openssl
-version-check ', on CentOS 5.7, I have a problem (at DNS) which reads as

15-Nov-2011 09:08:02.174 client # 1089: update 'infralabs.loc
/ IN' denied

Where the client ip belongs to a Windows XP properly configured and "stuck"
in the domain that I created (infralabs.loc).

I understand that the problem is that DNS does not "access" to machines other
than their own 'localhost' and I think that access is defined in

..../samba/private/named.conf.update <- created by '. /provision'

/ * This is auto-generated file - do not edit * /
update-policy {
         ms-self INFRALABS.LOC grant * A AAAA;
         Administrator at INFRALABS.LOC grant wildcard * A AAAA CNAME SRV;
         S4 $ @ infralabs.loc grant wildcard * A AAAA CNAME SRV;

Not to do when Windows XP to a domain does (at Windows) without problem, after
restarting I get an error usrenv in 'Event Viewer' and tells me not find the
domain. The record in the domain zone is created with no problem.

thank you very much for this great work.

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