Replication between DCs

Dave Craft wimberosa at
Sun Nov 13 09:27:56 MST 2011

It appears that the KCC (replication topology generator) is currently
not maintaining
or adding this attribute (mS-DS-ReplicatesNCReason).   In the AD
schema, that attr
is listed as "may contains" so its not currently required.

Having said that the KCC will maintain this attribute in a future
version of the code
as its relevent for administrative purposes (particularly in
multi-site) as well as recording issues
during topology generation.

Bottom line....I don't think that message signals a problem for your


On Sat, Nov 12, 2011 at 1:53 PM, Mark Rutherford
<mark at> wrote:
> I added a second Samba 4 DC to an existing Samba 4 domain and everything is
> working.
> DNS updates work... Samba 3 servers like them, users and computers are being
> replicated across servers, etc.
> However,  samba-tool drs showrepl has this warning at the very end:
> Warning: No NC replicated for Connection!
> Is this an indication of a problem or a possible problem?
> Both servers compiled from the alpha17 tarball.

Regards, Dave Craft
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