Correct handling of isRecycled

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Fri Nov 11 02:54:29 MST 2011

Hi Matthieu,

>>>> I pushed here:

>>> I think we need a better way to detect if we want to fix an object which
>>> is stored broken,
>>> maybe look for attributes which should be there if the object is only
>>> DELETED and not an old style TOMBSTONE.
>> Well here it's not fixing it's just removing objects that are not in
>> the Deleted Object container, for sites and such it's a correct
>> behavior to have them not in the Deleted Objects container.

My comment was related to s4-kcc: Sets the isRecyled attributes on
deleted entries when needed;a=commitdiff;h=12deb70820bc7d364a5672fbab9f343ab3ece575

I think we need to be smarter and detect the need of isRecycled=TRUE
based on the
attributes which are present on the object.

We could look at the replication metadata of the isDeteleted attribute
and compare the originating usn, dsa-guid and timestamp with other the other
deleted attributes. From this (I assume) we would be able to work out
if isRecycled=TRUE should be there or not. As isRecycled=TRUE should only
be there if all linked attributes are deleted (at the same time as
was created). And also if there's no active attribute which should have
been removed
(because they're not in the preserved_attrs list nor the rdn attribute)
when changing the object into tombstone/recycled object.

And the same logic could be used to decide if we need isRecycled on
incoming replication.

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