Home directories, Samba 4, what am I doing wrong?

Peter Clark pclark at pclark.com
Tue Nov 8 13:52:17 MST 2011


Yes the directories do exist, /usr/local/samba/sbin/samba is running.  I can browse up to a folder called 'homes' and subfolders with path=/home but it doesn't appear to be mapping the AD accounts to the related Unix accounts, even with 'homedir=/home/blah' in the Unix tab of AD users and computers control panel.  Or as I have an inkling, I'm doing something wrong (haven't given AD users and computers the UID to use?  Not sure where to put it in if I'm supposed to, however it seems that wouldn't be scalable in a large environment, should Samba be getting the Unix UID from the AD home path and the related uid from the passwd file?  There's a uid for 'fred' on the Fedora 14 server, as well as an AD Accounts and Computers user 'fred' that has the same home directory in the unix tab.


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On Tue, 2011-11-08 at 09:54 -0500, Peter Clark wrote:
> >> [homes]
> >>         comment = Home Directories
> >>         path = /home
> >>         read only = No
> > Should the "path" be "path=/home/%u" ?
> If I do that I can't access the folders (Windows gives a 'cant find'
> error when browsing into the displayed 'homes' folder, and some
> 800xxxxx series error).

Does the home directory for the user exist?  "/home/fred" for example.

> >> in my smb.conf
> >> However, the only files that show up in the share after going into the 
> >> folder are files that are world readable on the server.  Anything 
> >> that's only user.user rwx-rwx---- style permissions don't show up in the browser.
> >> Copying files over to the share results in owner UID 3000009 GID users.  
> > If you do a "getent passwd | grep 3000009" do you see a user? [is winbind configured on the S4 host?]
> There is no user with that UID on the Unix server.  

On the S4 server?

> All users are under 1000 except for one UID for postfix which is 5000.

Samba will idmap the CIF/SMB users to POSIX ids.  So if you authenticate
as 'fred' a UID is generated [and stored] for fred.

> I don't see a smbd or nmbd process running if that's what you're asking.

With Samba4 the process is "samba".

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