Home directories, Samba 4, what am I doing wrong?

Peter Clark pclark at pclark.com
Mon Nov 7 09:43:58 MST 2011

Hi all,


I had a Samba 3 server that wasn't doing anything special, just letting
users store files on a Fedora 14 server where they also had shell accounts
under homes.


I installed Samba 4, added user accounts with Active Directory Computers and
Users, put:



        comment = Home Directories

        path = /home

        read only = No


in my smb.conf


However, the only files that show up in the share after going into the
folder are files that are world readable on the server.  Anything that's
only user.user rwx-rwx---- style permissions don't show up in the browser.
Copying files over to the share results in owner UID 3000009 GID users.  


I'm not quite sure what to look at to make this work?


I'm using the latest git build (pulled this morning).  On the bright side
this is the first one that passed 'make quicktest' for me ;)


Thanks in advance.


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