Samba3 / Samba4 migration -- question

Gémes Géza geza at
Sun Nov 6 23:57:34 MST 2011

2011.11.04. 20:27 keltezéssel, Adam Tauno Williams írta:
> Quoting Gémes Géza <geza at>:
>>>> But OpenLDAP stores all these database attributes that have nothing
>>>> to do with Samba that all these other applications rely on? What if
>>>> an infrastructure keeps Samba 3 Servers in place in some locations
>>>> for compatibility reasons? The scary part is OpenLDAP going away.
>> I'm currently experimenting a similar upgrade scenario, where an
>> OpenLDAP+Heimdal+Samba3 controlled domain would get upgraded to Samba4.
>> My Heimdal+OpenLDAP critical apps are:
>> OpenAFS
>> SSH
>> Apache+mod_krb5
>> PowerDNS (ldap module)
>> ISC DHCPD (with an ldap database)
>> Sudoers
> Were you using RFC2307/NIS schema for posixUser uid/gid information?  
> I'm still researching how to migrate that information - I'd like to 
> keep the host configurations as similar as possible.
I've almost forget there is an excelent article about that:



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