FreeBSD 9 RC1 x64

tms3 at tms3 at
Sun Nov 6 22:13:45 MST 2011

Minor compile problems.

utmp.h is gone, replaced by utmpx.h apparently.

Build seems to call for /usr/include/cups/http.h not 

However, I can't seem to get around this bit:

[2908/3900] Compiling source3/utils/net_registry.c
[2909/3900] Compiling source3/utils/net_registry_check.c
../source3/utils/net_registry_check.c: In function 'tdb_data_is_cstr':
../source3/utils/net_registry_check.c:218: error: implicit declaration 
of function 'rawmemchr'
../source3/utils/net_registry_check.c:218: warning: comparison between 
pointer and integer
../source3/utils/net_registry_check.c: In function 'srprs_path':
../source3/utils/net_registry_check.c:671: warning: assignment makes 
pointer from integer without a cast
Waf: Leaving directory `/sambamaster/samba-master/bin'
Build failed:  -> task failed (err #1):
        {task: cc net_registry_check.c -> net_registry_check_169.o}

As always, any help is appreciated.


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