Samba-GSOC2011-Weekly Report-05/29/2011-George

George Zhao raimann.zhao at
Sun May 29 19:28:41 MDT 2011

Hi All,

This is George, my Samba Google summer code project is "Implement
processing of Domain-Specific GPO in samba4". My mentor is Matthieu

During the past week, I mainly focus on the following three tasks.

1. Set up the development and test environment.
In order to test this project, instructed by Matthieu, I am starting
to set a Debian(PDC) + Win 7(Domain user). Since this configuration
involves the DNS Server configuration, which need some background. I
fail to set it up during the first week. In the coming week, I'll
continue to work on this problem, and ask help from Matthieu Patou to
try to get it done.

2. High level design of the project.
Working on the Microsoft documents to collect enough information, this
will be the main source of the Samba Wiki update. Since the project
protocol has been somehow settled. So the main workload of the high
level design will be collecting enough information from the online
Microsoft document.

3. Start a task protocol type coding for the project.
With this protocol type, my concern is to create a task. This task
will periodically generate a file with time stamp, and print some
information into it. This will be a protocol type for the GPO project.
Based on this part, the "GPO-Update"(the name to be discussed with
Matthieu) task will scan the current files in the system and update
SAM database.

In the coming week, these 3 task will be my main task as well. There
is no big problem emerged during the past week. The main problem will
be the setup of the environment, I will continue to ask Matthieu to
help me about it and of course lookup the document as well.

Please feel free to send me you feedback, thanks!

Have a good day, All!

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