Benjamin Brunner bbrunner at suse.de
Fri May 27 05:01:19 MDT 2011

Am 27.05.2011 08:36, schrieb Samba-JP oota:
> uses features only implemented in the newer subrelease. Ultimativly, if the module uses
>                                                          -----------???
> I can't found this word in dictionary.
>                  a new feature from a newer subrelease, and the receiver runs an older protocol, it is just
>                  ignoring the functionality. Of course it is best to have both the receiver and the module
>                  running the same subrelease of the protocol.
> oota


I have created the attached patch on top of Volkers commit 
127d417e8ebc967572df7a75b342897a6a8fb71e, that also fixes the 
<manvolume> issues in the smbta-util.8.xml manpage. It should apply to 
both master and 3-6-test.

Could one of the Samba team please review and push this patch to master 
and 3.6 ?


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