Samba4 joining AD Domain as DC: Success!!

Marc Dubrowski marc.dubrowski at
Fri May 20 02:04:34 MDT 2011

Hello everyone,

Good news for me, and for the team as well, I presume: the samba Version
4.0.0alpha16-GIT-66c3d5d, compiled yesterday (2011/05/19) did manage to join
my domain as a DC.

This was, at first, a w2k AD domain, and I had to add a w2k8 R2 DC for this
to work. The reason seems to be that the schema of AD had been modified when
an exchange 2K server was added on the w2k DC, some years ago. I had tried
several version of samba4 before yesterday, without success: I managed to
join the domain, but the w2k DC refused replication. And yseterday, I was
able to join thanks to the w2k8 DC. The w2k one didn't let me.

Since then, i was able to add users, add groups, add users to group and
change passwords. To ma a Huge progress, as my scripts will now be written
in bash or python, without pywin32 !!! And only on script will creat the
right directories.

I will demote the other DC later, when my DNS server will be migrated.

So, is there any other information I should add for your convenience ?

Thanks a lot to all the team for the project. I've been following you for
years, now ! Keep on facilitating our lives !!!

Samba Rules !!!

Marc Dubrowski

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