loading vfs object with absolute path

Mario Klebsch m.klebsch at solution-tec.de
Thu May 19 08:48:22 MDT 2011


I am trying to write a samba VFS module for an older version of samba (3.0.36).
To test my module, I tried to load the module directly from the build directory
by specifying an absolute path in smb.conf.

The module is loaded and its init_module() gets called and returns 0. But
loading the module fails anyway. The reason is, that vfs_init_custom() calls
vfs_find_backend_entry() passing the absolute module name.

As a workaround, my init_module() calls smb_register_vfs() twice, once with the
module name and once with the absolute path name hard coded into the module.

I know, version 3.0.36 is a bit outdated and this problem might be fixed for
ages. But perhaps somebody might know a better way to load a vfs module by
specifying an absolute path with samba-3.0.36?

Thanks in advance, 

Mario Klebsch

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