NULL fsp_name pointer in get_shadow_copy_data

S F sfridella at
Fri May 13 16:40:00 MDT 2011

Hi All--

I'm maintaining a custom shadow-copy module for samba, and we recently
tried to transition from 3.5.3 on Fedora 11 to 3.5.8 on Fedora 14, and
I ran into a problem.

In my implementation of get_shadow_copy_data, I was accessing the
share relative name for the file via the file_struct pointer... ie
fsp->fsp_name->base_name.  This seemed to work fine previously, but
after trying to upgrade I find that samba is invoking
get_shadow_copy_data with a NULL pointer in fsp->fs_name.  Anyone have
any idea whether this is due to a change in Samba code between 3.5.3
and 3.5.8, or is it more likely due to the change in environment?
Also, any ideas for a work-around?  Was this incorrect to start with?
What is the proper way to access the share-relavite name of the target
file in get_shadow_copy_data?

Any help would be appreciated!


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