Problem with tkey*

Jeronimo jscmenezes at
Fri May 13 09:57:40 MDT 2011

I have the same issue.

Anton Löthman wrote about this issue:

*I cant start bind when i added the tkey stuff from the howto, it gives me
this error im running centos 5.4 with the
latest s4 from rsync. Im using bind9-chroot.*

My bind9 (bind 9.7.3) are not chrooted and I am using Ubuntu Server 11.04.

Andrew Bartlett replyed to Anton:
*If you can't get to the KDC with kinit, all bets are off.  Fix that
first, then come back to BIND.

Andrew Bartlett*

I think that error in kinit is becouse BIND9 can't up. If BIND are OFF then
kinit will never function properly, Is that right?

I am following Samba 4 HowTo and everything was working untill step 10 when
the following error stop me:

May 13 12:39:20 kaltura named[1405]: configuring TKEY: failure
May 13 12:39:20 kaltura named[1405]: loading configuration: failure
May 13 12:39:20 kaltura named[1405]: exiting (due to fatal error)

Anyone can help me?



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