[3.6.0pre3] docs-xml/manpages-3/idmap_rid.8.xml(TYPO?)

Samba-JP oota ribbon at samba.gr.jp
Sun May 8 20:09:33 MDT 2011

+       <para>
+       Note that the idmap_rid module has changed considerably since Samba
+       versions 3.0. and 3.2.
+       Currently, there should to be an explicit idmap configuration for each
+       domain that should use the idmap_rid backend, using disjoint ranges.
+       One usually needs to define a writeable default idmap range, using
+       a backent like <parameter>tdb</parameter> or <parameter>ldap</parameter>

+       that can create unix ids, in order to be able to map the BUILTIN sids
+       and other domains, and also in order to be able to create group mappings.
+       See the example below.


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