samba4, samba-tool command

Angelos Oikonomopoulos angelos.oikonomopoulos at
Fri May 6 02:35:50 MDT 2011

On 05/03/2011 02:20 AM, Theresa Halloran wrote:

> This wiki page has two tables. The first, documents the commands that
> are currently implemented in samba 4, their syntax (its not 100%
> complete, but close)...The second table has proposals for changes to
> existing commands that hopefully will make samba-tool more usable. ...
> I'll be filling in the second table and the wiki page with many more
> details as I go along, make decisions and start to think about the
> specific implementation changes needed to improve samba-tool.

Thank you! This is already useful. Not only is it a reference I can pass 
on to coworkers who are not as inclined to look at the source to figure 
out the syntax for a subcommand, it might also save some of my time in 
the future :)

Much appreciated,

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