What are others doing?

Aaron E. ssureshot at gmail.com
Wed May 4 12:31:19 MDT 2011

I'm still working on possible upgrade to samba4 and will be in testing 
on that for a long while, but in the mean time I need to at least get a 
Windows 2008 Terminal server up and functioning on my samba 3 domain..

I am having licensing issues since it isnt' an active directory domain 
and the 2008 TS server will not issue licenses..

My question is this,,, How are others implementing 2008 TS servers into 
their samba 3 domain and getting the licensing to work properly..

The Licensing Service Configuratio manager is running under the local 
service account and cannot be changed due to other dependencies IE 
RPS,,, That is the error in the diagnostics..

Thanks much for any input..

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