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Theresa Halloran thallora at
Tue May 3 12:34:44 MDT 2011

On 5/3/2011 10:56 AM, Jelmer Vernooij wrote:

>> I started looking around samba 4 for places where I might be able to
>> help out, with assistance from Tridge and Steve French.  The samba-tool
>> command seems like an area where some work is needed and I think I can
>> contribute.  One thing I've noticed is that there doesn't seem to be a
>> consistent format for command syntax and sub-commands.  That makes it
>> difficult to use, especially for someone like me, who is new to the
>> product and learning samba.
> I guess it's got quite a bit of history - it's derived from the C
> implementation of "net" in Samba 4 which was based on an old copy of the
> C-based "net" binary in Samba 3...
Yes, I saw some of that.  In places where it might be useful, I will put 
the net command external in the document, for reference....
>> I put together a wiki page:
> Overall, this looks like a useful cleanup of the existing chaos.
> I wonder if there's any reason for the gpo2 command to be named that
> rather than just "gpo", which makes more sense to me.
Ok, gpo is better.  I'm not sure where gpo2 came from.
> For "samba-tool keytab export" the object probably should be "keytab",
> with export being the sub-sub-command though I'm not sure whether we
> would have more keytab subcommands. Do we ever need to import keytabs?
This, I do not know....for now I will put them into object action order 
(i.e. keytab export) but will need some more learning / info to know 
what makes sense here.

> Like vampire, I think join has enough history behind it and not a
> particularly useful object to operate on that it should stay as is.
Ok, I'll take that into consideration.  I outlined another alternative 
in my response to Pavel.
> Should password be a thing on its own ("samba-tool password set"),
> rather than having it under user ("samba-tool user setpassword')? I'm
> not sure either way. "samba-tool password" probably has more going for
> it historically, but I think as a new user I would look under user.
Well, for starters I think we should combine the existing *samba-tool 
setpassword* and *samba-tool password set *.  I don't think we need two 
externals, even though implementation-wise they are different (one is 
local and one not local).  I'm also not sure what the difference between 
password set and password change is....couldn't set be used to change a 
> Cheers,
> Jelmer

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