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Pavel Herrmann morpheus.ibis at
Tue May 3 00:52:11 MDT 2011


I am in no way an expert, but from your comments in the second table i figured 
you might be confused about some things, so here is my explanation/hint

join command - the type of object being joined depends on the mandatory 
parameter, "member" means machine, "(RO)DC" means (read only) domain controler 
(server) - this parameter/switch needs to be present in your new syntax

fsmo is "flexible single master operation", a nice name for a task/role that 
can be handled by only one server at a time for consistency (as opposed to 
most AD interaction) - for instance assignig RID (resource ID) ranges to 
servers, manipulationg database schema etc. just for completness, transfer 
means "request the role from current owner", seize means "take the role by 
force, current master is dead", show is self-explanatory
synatactically, fsmo would fit into your "object" category quite well IMHO.

hope this helps someone

Pavel Herrmann

On Tuesday 03 of May 2011 02:20:53 Theresa Halloran wrote:
> Hi all,
> My name is Theresa and I'm new to samba development!  I work in
> Poughkeepsie NY at IBM and am new to linux as well, although I did work
> on linux tooling several years ago for linux on z/series.
> I started looking around samba 4 for places where I might be able to
> help out, with assistance from Tridge and Steve French.  The samba-tool
> command seems like an area where some work is needed and I think I can
> contribute.  One thing I've noticed is that there doesn't seem to be a
> consistent format for command syntax and sub-commands.  That makes it
> difficult to use, especially for someone like me, who is new to the
> product and learning samba.
> I put together a wiki page:
> This wiki page has two tables.  The first, documents the commands that
> are currently implemented in samba 4, their syntax (its not 100%
> complete, but close)...The second table has proposals for changes to
> existing commands that hopefully will make samba-tool more usable.  ...
> I'll be filling in the second table and the wiki page with many more
> details as I go along, make decisions and start to think about the
> specific implementation changes needed to improve samba-tool.
> I'm also hoping to learn from and get input from all of you samba
> experts!!  If you are interested, please take a look at the wiki page I
> put together and give me input / opinions / advice on how you might like
> to see the samba-tool evolve and improve.  I look forward to hearing
> from you all.
> Thanks,  Theresa Halloran

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