./configure generates 'command not found' errors

John Smith lbalbalba at gmail.com
Sun May 1 03:50:08 MDT 2011

On Sun, May 1, 2011 at 11:28 AM, Helmut Hullen <Hullen at t-online.de> wrote:
> Does a simple
>        ./configure
> work without error messages?

Just ./configure gives me similar errors. By the way, it's not just
'samba4', I get some of these type of errors for 'samba3' as well.
Using the sources in the samba-3.5.8 tar ball.

This is for samba4 using ./configure :

checking for C99 designated initializers... yes
checking that the C compiler understands negative enum values... yes
checking for test routines... yes
checking VISIBILITY_CFLAGS for gcc -fvisibility=hidden... ./configure:
line 6344: ac_cv_cflags_gcc_option__fvisibility_hidden=no, unknown:
command not found
./configure: line 6367:
command not found

checking whether the C compiler supports the visibility attribute... no
checking for gcov... /usr/bin/gcov
checking for ld... /usr/bin/ld

checking for getpwnam_r... yes
checking for getpwuid_r... yes
checking for getpwent_r... yes
checking for getpwent_r declaration... yes
checking for prototype struct passwd *getpwent_r(struct passwd *src,
char *buf, int buflen)... ./configure: line 10577:
command not found

checking for prototype struct passwd *getpwent_r(struct passwd *src,
char *buf, size_t buflen)... ./configure: line 10624:
command not found

checking for getgrnam_r... yes
checking for getgrgid_r... yes
checking for getgrent_r... yes
checking for getgrent_r declaration... yes
checking for prototype struct group *getgrent_r(struct group *src,
char *buf, int buflen)... ./configure: line 10719:
command not found

checking for prototype struct group *getgrent_r(struct group *src,
char *buf, size_t buflen)... ./configure: line 10767:
command not found

checking for getgrouplist... yes
checking ctype.h usability... yes
checking ctype.h presence... yes
checking for ctype.h... yes

checking for shl_load... no
checking for shl_unload... no
checking for shl_findsym... no
checking for prototype void *dlopen(const char* filename, unsigned int
flags)... ./configure: line 11054:
command not found

checking for getpass... yes
checking for getpassphrase... no

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