Samba4 - One to One NAT

Kenny modeltwelve at
Thu Mar 31 14:07:52 MDT 2011

First ... let me clarify that I'm not the brightest bulb and I'm abit 
concerned posting a question considering the company kept in this group 
... but ... I've been beating on this for days without resolution.

So I've decided to simply ask a general question that I'm hopeful will 
have a simple answer rather that be positive or negative.

I originally setup a test Samba4 server and after abit of fiddling got a 
WinXP machine to successfully join ... hooray!

Next ... I took that new found knowledge and decided to try and setup a 
server on Amazon as a micro instance which is another topic that I'm 
only partially knowledgeable of ...

So ... with two strikes against me and following the wiki once again I 
have everything working and happy from the instance itself.

I had to hack around abit to get the zone file to use the public IP 
which I suppose is one to one NAT'd to the private IP but I got'er done 
and all the tests in the wiki seem to pass into incident.

Then I try to join my test XP box ...

It can see the server and asks for credentials to join but gives me an 

"The network path was not found."

Now after all that rambling ... should it even be possible to expect 
this to work?


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