Samba refusing connection after machine account password change

Benjamin Donnachie benjamin at
Wed Mar 30 08:54:31 MDT 2011

On 24 March 2011 16:52, Dave Daugherty <dave.daugherty at> wrote:
> We too are currently investigating perhaps the same issue.

While I was away from the office, we had a similar issue with user
accounts; users are receiving messages that there user name and
passwords are invalid even after resetting their details.

These accounts work fine if accessed through a newly introduced
Win2003R2 AD server and new accounts work fine.

This is with Samba v4-alpha13.  Unfortunately, there is nothing
obvious in the logs and I do not have time to devote to bug chasing at
the moment; is there a tidy way to demote a samba DC?

Take care,


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