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Mon Mar 28 01:49:58 MDT 2011

Hello Rahul,

On 27/03/2011 00:33, rahul makhijani wrote:
> Hello
> I am Rahul Makhijani . I'm currently in the second year of B TechElectrical
> Engineering at Indian Institue of Technology Mumbai,India
> <>.
> I have been interested in algorithmic programming and numerical computation.
> I have a fair idea of modelling systems.
> I believe I am competent with C and C++ .
> I'm interested in the following project
> Implement login / logout related counter update
> Kindly guide me with more information as very less is available on site.
So out of my mind there is 5 counters that are updated in Windows 
Servers that are not currently in Samba4:

* badPwdCount
* badPasswordTime
* lastLogon
* logonCount
* lastLogonTimestamp

The goal of this project is to understand in which case those counters 
are updated, the obvious case is in the windows login, kerberos request 
for TGT ticket seems also to be triggering the counter update, there 
might be other (NTLM auth for instance when trying to access share or in 
other case).

Once the cases where update are triggered are identified then the next 
step is to add code to Samba4 to do this update as well. In the meantime 
or even before unit tests to verify the behavior of Samba4 have to be 
written we expect those tests to be runable as well against a Microsoft 
Server Domain Controller and expect of course the same behavior !

For instance on my w2k8r2 server the counters
badPwdCount: 1
badPasswordTime: 129457349502048240
lastLogon: 129457349005173240
logonCount: 43
lastLogonTimestamp: 129449051382580000

It's not envisioned to implement account lockout, although it is 
desirable and related to this project.



Matthieu Patou
Samba Team
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