Request to do SMBTA Bugtracking on BSO

Michael Adam obnox at
Sun Mar 27 14:05:06 MDT 2011

Björn JACKE wrote:
> On 2011-03-23 at 08:25 +0100 Holger Hetterich sent off:
> > with the release of SMB Traffic Analyzer 1.2.3 ahead, I would like to
> > ask if the Samba team would be fine if we could move SMBTA bugtracking
> > from to This effectivly is
> > bugtracking of the VFS module, the data collector daemon, and
> > smbtatools.
> > 
> > This typically involves a current release tracker bug (which I would
> > open on BSO for the 1.2.4 version on), and anything we'd like to fix for
> > the release in bugs blocking the tracker bug, plus longer standing bugs
> > that are out of scope for the upcoming version.
> > 
> > Ideally, we'd have a component "SMBTA" on BSO.
> +1 to move it to BSO. As most parts (except for vfs module itself) are not part
> of Samba I would however suggest to add a bugzilla "product" SMBTA instead of
> making SMBTA a "component" of the samba product in bugzilla. How about that?

+1 on moving it to BSO, and to give it a product of its own.

Cheers - Michael

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