Regd GSOC 2011

Debjani Banerjee dbjnbnrj at
Fri Mar 25 05:47:39 MDT 2011

Hey there!!
My name is Debjani Banerjee. I am a final year student currently pursuing
engineering in Computer Science from India. I am keenly interested in
pursuing a GTK+ based project and I came across the extension of GTK+
frontends in the Samba4 list.I am familiar with GTK and glib dev but not so
much with Samba. As this is my first year applying I would appreciate it if
you could suggest-
1)How to learn more about Samba and Samba development(particularly the
Samba4 environment - I can't find too much documentation for this)
2)How to access the SambaGTK utilities
3)If your willing.. could you suggest changes that you would have made, or
would like to see on gwsam.
Thanking you
Debjani Banerjee :)

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