Willing to work for Samba GSOC 2011 ideas(George)

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer mdw at samba.org
Fri Mar 25 10:11:18 MDT 2011

Hi George,

if you would like to take over the server side GPO support project then 
preliminary discussions with Wilco (author of s4's "libpolicy") or 
Günther (author of "libgpo") could be extremely helpful. I think that 
they share the most knowledge about GPOs in our developer staff. You can 
write them emails or ping them on IRC (freenode, #samba-technical): 
users "SYNNACK" and "gd". Of course you can direct questions also on 
this list.
We will have yet to decide who the actual mentor will be in this case.

The login/logout counters project, however will be easier I think and 
there Andrew Bartlett should be the right responsible (he maintains the 
auth subsystems for both s3 and s4).

I hope these informations are of some help.

Matthias Wallnöfer

George zhao wrote:
> Hi Matthieu Patou, Wilco Baan Hofman, and Andrew Bartlett,
> This is George, and I am a computer science PhD student in USA now. I intent
> to work for your project during GSOC 2011, I am really interested in
> your project ideas.
>     * Implement server side GPO in Samba4
>     * Implement login / logout related counter update
> Please allow me to introduce some of my background and the reason why
> I choose these ideas here for your reference.
> Before I was involved in the current PhD program, I have worked on two
> platforms for two companies(Huawei and SIEMENS), for around 5 years.
> The first platform is a large scale router platform, I've been involve
> in some protocol implementations of the transport layer, like PPPOE,
> PPOA, and some application layer servers, like RADIUS and TACACS, in
> 4-tier TCP/IP protocol stack.
> The second one is a test platform for a device called RNC in WCDMA
> network, which is an wireless network based project.
> Both of them are developed by C programming language.
> I saw you are the mentors of these two projects, can you guys give me
> some feedback about my background, and am I qualified for these two
> projects.
> The requirement in the samba idea page is C and network, both of them
> are in my skill set, but for the whole samba system, I am afraid that
> I am a freshman. Hopefully, I still have the chance to give it a shot.
> Thanks again for your time!
> Have a good day!
> George

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