GSOC - Make SWAT for Samba3 pretty

Nikola Nikov nikolanikov at
Thu Mar 24 06:22:47 MDT 2011

My name is Nikola Nikov. I'm student in University of Sofia in Bulgaria, Engineering Physics.

I would like to make new Samba Web Administration Tool. I already got experience in creating web interfaces for controlling applications. I think, I can handle it.

Some of my experience in last year GSOC (2010):

Last year I've successfully participated in GSOC and finished my project "Adding new futures to XCP web-interface" for
Link to the submitted code
I have to make dynamic and easy to use web interface for creating and controlling virtual machines for Xen Cloud Platform (XCP).
In the this project I decided to start the whole interface from scratch. The web interface is written on JavaScript by using JSON and XMLRPC for the communication part with the XAPI as you can see in the source code.In this project I don't used any external JS libraries.
If you want I can send you some screenshots from the interface.

Other experience:
I have experience in creating and modifying client-server applications in C.
In some of the applications I've used libmysqlclient,libssl(OpenSSL),libpthread,libcsoap,libxml,libcurl, raw sockets.
Creating web applications and web based control panels for web hosting needs.
Applications and scripts for monitoring and automation of system and network administration processes.

More detailed info about last projects I worked on:
One of my biggest project is the a web-based control panel for creating and controlling virtual machines. 
You can see demonstration from this url
It is based on client-server communication. There are one web server, that holds the panel and  servers written in C, that are placed
on the xen host servers, which hold the virtual machines. The servers communicate via my own RPC calls on one side with the web server
and by using XMLRPC xenapi on the other with the xen host. The web interface is written in javascript by using AJAX for better functionality.
At the moment the panel is in production use from

One of my other projects is creating a server which communicates with different registrars, to register and change domain names. In this server I have to use

Modifying the pure-ftpd FTP daemon to fit needs of the forum. Some of the modifications was to check before remove some file from the ftp, to check whether in some post of the forum there are link to it.

Modifying the unfsd NFS daemon to fit the hosting needs of and . The storage system is connected thought NFS, but the hosting servers in got different UIDs for every vhost, but writes everything with one UID and I had to modify the NFS server to automatically recognizes the uids and to change it. Also the NFS daemon got to make statistics for the traffic and make some restrictions.

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