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Joseph Lewis joehms22 at
Thu Mar 24 15:17:20 MDT 2011

Hi Jelmer,

Thanks for your reply, are either of these (to your knowledge) still open?
It does look like someone went through and removed the project I mentioned
before.  I assume that they can be combined to produce a more robust project
design.  I'm most interested in Python as my c/c++ is a little limited and
I'm sure you don't want it in your codebase :)
Extension of the GTK+ frontends

There are a couple of GTK+ frontends for Samba4 (see
These are very limited at the moment but you could work on expanding them
and further integrating them with GNOME. Language: C or Python

   - Difficulty: Easy
   - Language(s): Python, perhaps C
   - Possible mentors:

Setup / provision GUI for Samba (and OpenChange)

Setting up Samba and OpenChange currently requires running quite a lot of
command line utilities. It should be easy for even a junior system
administrator to set up Samba as a Domain Controller, RODC and general

The windows equivalent tool is dcpromo.exe, and while you may not want/need
to copy it directly, it does provide a reasonable basis for establishing
what this tool should be able to provide (in terms of outcomes).

Some initial work (using PyQt4) is available at
working with that is not essential to this task.

   - Difficulty: Easy
   - Language(s): Python
   - Possible mentors: Brad Hards, probably others.


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On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 9:56 AM, Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer at> wrote:

> Hi Joseph,
> On Thu, 2011-03-24 at 09:46 -0600, Joseph Lewis wrote:
> > I'm interested in working for you during GSOC, and this project struck my
> > fancy:
> >
> > Create a GUI like regedit
> >
> > The idea is to have a frontend like "regedit" to edit a registry on
> remote
> > machines. The easiest way would be to write such a GUI in python using
> pyQt
> > and the Samba4 winreg python bindings.
> >
> > Difficulty: Easy
> > Language(s): Python
> > Possible mentors: Jelmer Vernooij and Andreas Schneider
> >
> > I've worked with pyGTK, wxPython, and Tcl/Tk before so learning and
> > implementing pyQt shouldn't be that difficult.  The project itself seems
> > fairly straightforward, but I think it could benefit if you could import
> > .reg files from the local machine, and possibly save all changes to a
> local
> > .reg file that could then be used to apply the changes to multiple
> computers
> > (almost like macros).  I also believe that a number of default
> "favorites"
> > could be quite handy, and or auto generating favorites from commonly used
> > keys, what do you think?
> I'm not sure how current this project is anymore, during the last summer
> of code another student worked on gregedit, which is part of Samba-GTK.
> This seems to work reasonably well.
> Are there perhaps any other projects you're interested in?
> Unfortunately I don't have access to the wiki at the moment :-/ Could
> somebody with access to the wiki perhaps clean out some of the obsolete
> projects?
> Cheers,
> Jelmer

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