How to get the "Signing Session Key" using "User Session Key" for NTLMv2?

Narendra Kumar S.S ssnkumar at
Fri Mar 18 06:22:29 MDT 2011


      I am trying to write some functionality of SMB server.
      From my code, I am sending a AUTH_CRAP message to winbindd daemon.
      That is successful and sending back the response.
      In this response, I have the user session key.

      Now, I have to use this to find the "Signing Session Key".
      I am doing hmac_md5 twice on this "User Session Key".
      But, the result that I am getting is wrong.

      So, can somebody tell me, the correct way to calculate "Signing
Session Key" from "User Session Key" given out by winbindd?

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