Vampire a Samba4 domain to Samba3?

Christian Huldt christian at
Thu Mar 17 14:00:52 MDT 2011

tor 2011-03-17 klockan 22:39 +0300 skrev Matthieu Patou:
> On 17/03/2011 22:09, Christian Huldt wrote:
> > Would it be possible to move a domain from samba 4 to samba3?
> >
> > We have a samba4 domain used for testing that they want to move into
> > production, and keep users and connected computers.
> >
> > We've had some problems with samba4 locking up occasionally so would
> > prefer to use samba3.
> >
> What was locking up in samba4 ? the file server part ?
> Matthieu
The AD part AFAIK, samba4 is used as login server with file serving is
done by samba3 servers join to the domain, once in a while the samba3
server cannot reach the samba4 server and net ads testjoin can't find
any dc while kinit works. Everything starts working after hunting down a
few huge smbd processes on the samba4 dc.

We never really got a bdc up as the replication wouldn't work at all..

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