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Michael Adam obnox at
Wed Mar 16 17:39:58 MDT 2011

Hi List,

I am happy to announce that we have created
a central ctdb.git repository to contain the official
CTDB code in order to consolidate the position of CTDB
as a publicly visible open source project to accompany
Samba. The repository is now located in parallel to the
samba.git repository at this git url:


And here in gitweb:

This repository contains the master and official release branches
that have previously been hosted in Ronnie Salberg's
private repository (git://
among Ronnies personal feature branches.

Commit mails from Ronnie's repository to samba-cvs have been
disabled and now come from the new repository instead.

This change also made it possible to give direct write access to
the ctdb repository to a group of people (i.e. a "CTDB team"
similar to the Samba team). We initially identified the group
to consist of four people who have contributed a lot over the
last 1-2 years: Ronnie, Rusty, Metze and myself.

The push policy (that is not yet enforced) will be that master is
open for pushing but only Ronnie should push to the release branches
(e.g. 1.2, 1.0.112, ...). The current exception is the relatively
new 1.3 branch that is still very open and might even vanish due
to to currently ongoing versioning discussions.

Cheers - Michael

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