use Windows named pipe using cmd 2d: NT Create AndX Request

Josh Moore jmoore at
Mon Mar 14 11:11:03 MDT 2011

I'm trying to connect to a Windows named pipe that is shared over SMB.

For context, see Windows Server code:
A modification needed for the server (see the note about permissions at the end):
Windows Client code:
This all works OK in Windows. No problem.

The Server side in my application is created in Windows by a competing company. I have no control over it (otherwise it would be a TCP server). I do have Wireshark packet captures of successful communication. And, of course, I have the bare-bones Windows server and client (above) to run on test machines.
I want to implement the Client side in Linux using libsmbclient.

I've started with the testread.c example. It reads text files OK on file shares, e.g. smb://
I tried to get it to connect to the named pipe by giving it various path names, e.g. smb://$/mynamedpipe

It starts out OK by sending a Tree Connect AndX Request to path \\\IPC$

Then, I think I want to send a SMB packet with the SMB Command field byte having value "a2" (hexadecimal). This is an "NT Create AndX Request".
Instead, all it seems I can send is SMB Command value "2d", "Open AndX Request".

I tried changing "smbc_open(path, O_RDONLY, 0)" to "smbc_creat(path, 0)", but that didn't do it.

Would it be possible to send this other type of Samba command (a2)?

I have no problem investing a couple of days if needed to modify Samba to do this as part of an open-source patch to the Samba source code.

I have not found other users in the mailing list or documentation discussing connection to Windows named pipes with Samba.
Thank you.



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