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Thu Mar 10 15:18:37 MST 2011

On 10/03/2011 18:24, Brian C. Huffman wrote:
> On 03/09/2011 02:46 AM, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>> This is quite incorrect, and I'm sorry you have not been given the
>> advise you need, and that samba-tool is not yet as self-documenting as
>> we would desire.
>> The command you are after is
>> samba-tool setpassword
> What's the difference between 'samba-tool setpassword' and 'samba-tool 
> password set'?
> It seems that on my system, 'samba-tool password set' does something, 
> but whatever I type does not seem to work for the new password
  ./bin/samba-tool password set simple2 -U administrator%totoTATA123 -W 
Enter new password for account [MATWS\simple2]:

I enter totoTATA333 then I check with
./bin/ldbsearch -H ldap:// -U simple2%totoTATA333
That the password change has been taken into account.
> I tried: "samba-tool password set <user> -U administrator" and it 
> indeed asks for the new password and the administrator password and 
> appears to take both without complaining.  But the account is not able 
> to login with the new password.
> After re-reading your email, I tried 'samba-tool setpassword' and that 
> seems to work...
The thing is that setpassword didn't need an running samba server but 
needs you to have a write right on the ldb files of samba4 (samba's 
samdb), it can be a problem for simple users.

samba-tool password set can be used by a simple user as it use RPC to 
dialogue with one DC of the domain.

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