Samba 4 creating HOSTS/Machine accounts and exporting keytab without Samba on Unix/Linux machines

Trever L. Adams trever.adams at
Thu Mar 10 05:48:54 MST 2011

Hello Everyone,

I have several machines where Samba would be unnecessary overhead.
However, I am needing machine accounts in my AD (Samba 4). It seems that
there should be a way to create a machine account and export a keytab to
be used on the Linux/Unix machines.

The problem, I know how to create an account in Windows tools. However,
I do not know how to set the password (unless the standard user password
setting tools in samba-tool works). Also, I cannot get samba-tool
machinepw to export the password of any machine but the AD server.

Any suggestions?
Thank you,
Trever Adams
"No cause, no God, no abstract idea can justify the mass slaughter of
innocents." -- Edward Said

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