change to acl_read module for supporting dirsync module

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer mdw at
Wed Mar 9 02:08:44 MST 2011


I've also looked about this patch - two comments:

    * Is there a real reason that the module has to be located below the
      ACL one? I'm raising this thought since if there is none we could
      save us an additional control and simply put it higher. We really
      need to start avoiding controls where not strictly necessary.
      Another way could be to use the new "trusted/untrusted" mechanism
      for getting "replPropertyMetaData".
    * I've also performed a quick review of the control implementation
      and I've noticed some type problems:
          o The counter variables aren't appropriate yet. LDB objects
            are counted as "unsigned int". That means the following in
            the downto manner: for (i >= ...num_values - 1; i !=
            (unsigned) - 1; i--).
          o On "for (i=0; i < rmd.ctr.ctr1.count; i++) {" "i" should be
            "uint32_t" since we are working os DSR stuff.
          o "functional_level" in "struct dirsync_control" should be
            typed as "int".
          o "addedAttributes" I would type as "unsigned int" (the same
            as "num_elements" in LDB).

Otherwise your work really seems very promising. Also the problem with 
the partition control should be sorted out as soon tridge finishes my 
patchset review.


Matthieu Patou wrote:
> Hello Nadya,
> Can you have a look at this:
> And tell me if you are OK, basically it's about not to return 
> LDB_SUCCESS when a searched attribute is not accessible but instead to 
> remove the replPropertyMetaData attribute to give the signal to 
> dirsync that the user didn't have an access on this object and so an 
> empty DN with just the objectGUID should be returned.
> Matthieu.

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