Matthieu Patou mat at
Wed Mar 9 00:42:35 MST 2011

On 09/03/2011 06:55, tms3 at wrote:
> So, let me see if I understand correctly.
> There is NO WAY to set passwords using only Samba4, is this correct?
> If there is a way, I would appreciate knowing what it is.
> As my last email on this subject
> ./samba-tool password
./bin/samba-tool password set simple2 -U administrator%totoTATA123 -s 
Enter new password for account [MATWS\simple2]:

You can do it also with the user for which you are changing the password ie:
./bin/samba-tool password set simple2 -U simple2%totoTATA123 -s 
Enter new password for account [MATWS\simple2]:

Of course you are not obliged to provide the password on the command 
line, I just did it because it's more convenient for me on the test system.

Apart from this you're a bit right the help of samba-tool is not 
perfect, as most of it is in python feel free to have a look and provide 
us some patch it should be rather easy to contribute.


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