Reg : Samba / CTDB

Brian McGrew brian at
Tue Mar 8 07:46:57 MST 2011

On 3/7/11 9:38 PM, "Krishnanand" <krishnanand.gouri at>
> I have configured 2-Node cluster. Users will access the servers using the
> public IP's. Now I am facing problem server1-IP - and
> server2-IP - where as ctdb IP's are & 15
> when ever I stop ctdb service in server1 then the users are not able to
> access the shared drives even if the IP's are switch over to server2.
> But if at all i stop the ctdb service in server2 then the users are able
> to access the share as usually.
> Please help me in this issue, what needs to modify.


Can you post your smb.conf and ctdb.conf files please?


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