Group Policy IPv6 FYI

Aaron E. ssureshot at
Fri Mar 4 12:04:09 MST 2011

Well, I reloaded the server in question and before I had the new one up 
and running the server that was working stopped working.. I then upped 
the debug level and am trying to gather logs.. Woudn't you know it soon 
as I up the log the server started working again.. I am trying to gather 
usefull information .. Ill post a new thread with my findings to keep it 

On 03/04/2011 11:18 AM, Aaron E. wrote:
> Hello all, this is just an FYI on my findings.. to help someone that
> runs into the similar issues...
> I was not able to edit the policies or gpupdate /force from one of my
> windows test servers connected to a S4 domain.. I fought with this for a
> long while. The logs were giving no different information from a working
> system to the not working system.. The error stated it could not read
> the Policy due to permissions network settings or dns...
> Once I looked into it I had disabled IPv6 on the windows network
> connection setting. I enabled this and all started working.. I am not
> running IPv6 so not sure what the problem was..

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