Mounting dfs with linux-cifs client

Heinrich Mislik Heinrich.Mislik at
Tue Mar 1 06:15:30 MST 2011


could someone with knowledge of DFS take a look at this thread:

The bottom line is, that the linux-cifs client cannot mount a service 
defined like this:

   msdfs root = yes
   msdfs proxy = \otherserver\someshare

Reason is, that samba returns BAD_NETWORK_NAME on attempts to connect 
this service. Changing the return value to PATH_NOT_COVERED resolved 
the problem. (See bottom)

Is this a bug? I could not check the behaviour of a windows server, 
because I couldn't figure out, how to configure the equivalent of 
"msdfs proxy", so that a service directly under the host is a DFS 

Thanks for any hints. 



Patch that was tested an Samba 3.4.9:
Index: service.c
--- service.c   (revision 123)
+++ service.c   (working copy)
@@ -1209,7 +1209,7 @@
                DEBUG(3, ("refusing connection to dfs proxy share 
'%s' "
                          "(pointing to %s)\n",
                        service, lp_msdfs_proxy(snum)));
-               *status = NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME;
+               *status = NT_STATUS_PATH_NOT_COVERED;
                return NULL;

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