enable s3 waf build in autobuild

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Tue Mar 1 00:51:02 MST 2011

Hi Andrew,

>> Does anyone have any objections to us enabling the source3 waf build
>> in autobuild? I'm thinking of making it do a build, but not run tests.
>> The reason for enabling it now, is that it shares its build rules with
>> the top level s3/s4 merged build. Ensuring that the s3 waf build keeps
>> working will make life much easier for the current merge work.
>> This would mean that all committers will need to fix any build issues
>> with the source3 waf build that may arise on sn-devel, or autobuild
>> will fail for your commit. 
>> We will still have the s3 autoconf build as well, so that means all
>> committers will need to ensure any build rule changes are made in 2
>> places for code that affects s3.
>> The s3 waf build has been in the build farm for a few weeks now, and I
>> think it is now reasonable to think of it as a "should not be broken"
>> build.
> I think we should also run the 'make test' as part of that.  There may
> be subtle differences in the way that the two different test systems
> invoke selftest.pl, and it's important to test those, at least until the
> top level build runs 'make test' across the entire tree.
> I think we should also turn on the --enable-s3build option the top level
> autobuild or by default in master.  This build likewise needs to stay
> working, and if we make it the default in master, this should not be a
> great burden.
> My preference is for us to have --enable-s3build be the default in
> master, so that all the binaries are built all the time, and so I can
> start on an integrated 'make test'.  

I'd preferr the --enable-s3build would be off by default until
everything works
as expected.

But we can add --enable-s3build as separate build like the s3-waf build
in autobuild.

I've tried to add a s3 member into a s4 domain,
but without success yet, see:

I think we should try to add a selftest/target/Samba.pm a bit like this
(from 22 month ago)

I guess for autobuild it would be good to have make test splitted into units
(for now s4, s3 and some combined tests), so that we ask autobuild to
run them
in parallel otherwise we'll raise the time for an autobuild push.


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