Windows displays incorrect ACE Trustee Names when displaying ACEs for Samba server in an ADS parent/child forest?

Richard Sharpe realrichardsharpe at
Thu Jun 30 12:35:48 MDT 2011


I have noticed an interesting problem in an ADS forest where I have:

1. rjstest.local as the root of the forest (domain is DIFFNAME),
2. subtree1.rjstest.local as a subtree that is part of rjstest.local
(domain is SUBTREE1),
3. A Samba 2.5.8+ member server that is joined to subtree1.rjstest.local,
4. A share on my Samba server called FunnyShare where
SUBTREE1\administrator has full access and the group DIFFNAME\domain
admins also has full access.

When I bring up the share properties on a Windows server, it shows the
trustee that is the SID for DIFFNAME\domain admins as SUBTREE1\Domain

In looking over a capture of the Trans2, NT QUERY SECURITY DESCRIPTOR
the correct SIDs are being returned. The only interesting thing I can
find is that there is a DsGetRolePrimaryDomainInformation request
prior to the NT QUERY SECURITY DESCRIPTOR that is also directed at the
member server which has what looks like wrong info:

DNS Domain: subtree1.rjstest.local
Forest:            subtree1.rjstest.local

The second value looks wrong and should be rjstest.local, IMO.

In looking at rpc_server/srv_dssetup_nt.c, I find this:

        if (lp_security() == SEC_ADS) {
                dnsdomain = talloc_strdup(ctx, lp_realm());
                if (!dnsdomain) {
                        return WERR_NOMEM;
                basic->dns_domain = dnsdomain;

                /* FIXME!! We really should fill in the correct forest
                   name.  Should get this information from winbindd.  */
                basic->forest = dnsdomain;

Is it possible that this incorrect information is confusing Windows?
It sure will confuse users, and I wonder if the correct SIDs will be
set if we try to add ACEs from different domains via Windows.

At the moment it is not clear if we are keeping the forest anywhere, either ...

Comments would be useful. Am I barking up the wrong tree?
Richard Sharpe

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