Segfault when joining a Mac OSX client

Adam Thorn alt36 at
Tue Jun 28 12:38:39 MDT 2011


I'm running samba-4.0.0alpha16, and when I try to join a MacOSX client
(specifically, version 10.6.8) to the domain the log shows that the
samba binary has died with signal 11. After setting

panic action=/usr/src/samba4/selftest/gdb_backtrace %PID%

I can track the segfault down to the call of strncasecomp() at


which is being called with instanceName set to null. Digging a bit more,
at the call to krb5_parse_name on line 468, spn_value is just set to the
computer account name (that is, computername$). 

I then restart samba, and although the computer account exists in the
domain, domain logins on the client fail and the Directory Utility GUI
on the client just reports "could not connect to domain"

I'd be extremely grateful for any help!



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